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Grill Chef

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Grill Chef




We are looking for a full-time, skilled Grill Cook to work at our restaurant. You will be accountable for serving customers delicious grilled food. Most importantly, you should be able to cook food following all safety and sanitation standards.


You will be taking food orders from waiters and preparing dishes on time. Tasting the dish to match customer preferences should be your topmost priority.


You will be preparing all the necessary ingredients and regulating the right temperature to cook a scrumptious meal. Besides, you will be chopping vegetables, seasoning meat, and preparing side dishes. You should be able to present the dish very well and at a temperature that is comfortable for the taste buds.


Apart from your cooking responsibilities, you should be able to clean and sanitize the counter every day. Any food stains should be scrubbed off and grilling equipment maintained for long-term functioning.


If you got the skill to tantalize taste buds and the secret to a flavourful dish then do write to us.




  • Preparing ingredients and chopping vegetables required for the dish
  • Cutting and seasoning meat before preparation
  • Grilling meat and vegetables at the right temperature and to suit the customer’s taste
  • Checking that the ingredients are safe and consumable
  • Discarding ingredients that have expired and those that are nearing expiry time
  • Ensuring that the dish is served on time and in a presentable manner
  • Monitoring and reordering inventory supplies
  • Regulating the grill temperature to slow cook the meat
  • Cleaning the workstation before and after food preparation
  • Training and supervising new grill cooks
  • Maintaining hygiene and safety standards at all times
  • Managing multiple food orders at once
  • Labeling and storing all food items properly and at the right temperature
  • Tasting the dish before serving
  • Checking and receiving raw food items from suppliers
  • Ensuring that the dish is served at the correct temperature




  • Proven work experience in the Hospitality industry
  • Familiarity with grilling equipment like oven, skewers, and chimney starter
  • Knowledge of different grilling methods like direct heat grilling, smoking, and rotisserie grilling
  • Ability to work for long periods and on public holidays
  • Knowledge of industry standards and food safety guidelines
  • Good communication skills
  • Demonstrating proper hygiene behavior
  • Ability to offer excellent customer satisfaction


Salary and Hours per Week will be discussed in your interview.


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