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Sultans Restaurants





We are seeking a professional and experienced Bartender to join our Restaurant.


As a Bartender, you will assist us in providing an excellent drinking experience for our customers at the bar. You will be responsible for creating innovative and classic drinks exceeding the expectations of customers. You will also receive compensation including rewards and tips.


If you have experience in serving drinks and are proficient to take up Bartender duties, then apply right away. We would like to meet you.




  • Producing and preparing liquor, beer, or non-alcoholic drinks for the bar.
  • Taking drink orders from customers and serving snacks.
  • Evaluating the preferences and needs of clients.
  • Making suggestions for beverage orders as per client tastes.
  • Mixing ingredients in order to prepare classic and innovative cocktails.
  • Planning and presenting a menu for the bar.
  • Checking the identification of clients for the confirmation of the legal age of drinking.
  • Monitoring adequate supply stock and restocking supplies of the bar.
  • Ensuring compliance with all food, beverage, and refreshment regulations.




  • 1-year experience working as a Bartender in the Hospitality Department or a similar role.
  • Proficient with techniques of serving drinks and beverages.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Flexibility to work in the bar area for long periods as well as on weekends.
  • Ability to communicate with the client while providing exceptional customer service.
  • Ability to nurture an excellent guest experience by staying guest-focused.
  • Great interpersonal skills.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to clean the entire work area as well as the dining room if required.
  • Ability to work in a team or individually as and when required.
  • Ability to manage and handle multiple tasks.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Exceptional attention to detail.
  • Hard-working individual.
  • Good time management abilities.
  • Strong decision-making skills.


Salary and Hours per Week will be discussed in the interview.


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